I do not photoshop clients in photoshop beyond editing out minor blemishes. I feel that any birth marks, moles, your size, etc are all a part of who you are. My job is to capture you, not to change things about you! I truly believe that you’re perfect the way you are, so this is why I choose not to retouch my images.

what do to wear to my session?!

Deciding on what to wear for your session can be overwhelming, but I’m here to help!! Think about what season your shoot will be in and what the surrounding colors will be if it’s outdoors! To find some outfit ideas head over to my outfit Pinterest board for inspiration!

Do i send sneak peeks?!

I ALWAYS send sneak peeks either the day of the shoot or within 3 days if I’m not able to right away! Having your photo taken is scary, especially if it’s not something you’re used to so it’s my goal to put your mind at ease that you looked AMAZING! Sneak peeks is the best way to do that! It’s a win-win because you get to see how you looked, and it makes the wait for the whole gallery a little better!


do i travel for weddings + shoots?

100% YES. I love to travel, and am down to go anywhere! This does mean travel fees will be additional, but if you want me to I’ll travel for your wedding or session! Travel fees vary based on location so send me an email and let’s chat!

Do i pose couples during sessions?

My goal during sessions is to capture you and your honey in the most natural ways possible. I understand that being photographed is scary and vulnerable, and is intimidating if you don’t know how to pose, so I will definitely help guide with poses! I try to mainly give prompts and have each couple melt into it.

what’s the wait time on galleries?

The general wait time on gallery delivery depends on what kind of session you had! Weddings typically take 5-7 weeks for the full gallery. Engagement + Couple sessions take 3-4 weeks. Family + Portraits take 2-4 weeks!